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Text Box:  Make A Coat of Many Colors

As autumn temperatures begin to dip, we all begin to add a jacket or light coat on cool evenings. Our coats are made from many different materials such as wool, cotton, polyester, leather, and fur. Many of us purchase our coats from retail stores, but have you ever wondered how you would keep warm if you couldn’t buy your coat from a store? Native American tribes used animal skins, fur, beads, quills and other plant materials to make their coats thousands of years ago.

You will need:

Large paper bag, magic markers or paints, and natural materials gathered from outside.


Using a brown paper grocery bag, you can design your own coat. Cut out holes for your head and arms and then design your coat detail, use pine needles, colorful leaves, feathers and other natural items you can find outside for decoration.

This activity was adapted with permission from Project WILD, 82001 (Council for Environmental Education). Teachers and youth group leaders may obtain a Project WILD guide by attending a workshop. For more information, contact Elizabeth Gallaher, Project WILD Coordinator, at 304-558-2771.

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