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Try It - Design A Bird

An adaptation is a change in the structure or function of an animal which makes the animal better suited to its environment.  All animals are adapted to their habitat or else they wouldn't survive.  For this activity, we are going to look only at birds.  Read through the charts provided to learn about adaptations of birds.

Adaptations of Birds - (PDF format, 8.80KB)

Click here to get acrobat reader (You will need Acrobat Reader to view this file)

Now for the fun part.  You're going to design your own bird,  one that's never been seen before and will never be seen again (so artistic talent isn't important).

First, answer two questions:

  1. Where does your bird live?           
  2. What does it eat?

Based on your choices, decide on the adaptations your bird will need and jot them down for reference.  Now, draw your imaginary bird and color it in. 

To further explore the concept of adaptations, you may want to look through wildlife magazines or bird identification guides, trying to guess where specific animals live and what they eat based on their physical structures.  Read about the animals to see if you were correct. Gary Larson, the Far Side cartoonist, uses adaptations as a subject for numerous cartoons.  Pick up one of his books and have fun looking for such examples!

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