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News Release : September 2, 2005


Hoy Murphy , Public Information Officer (304) 558-3380

Contact: Steve Brown , Wildlife Resources Section (304) 637-0245


Draft Plan Released for State Wildlife; Public Comments Invited


  The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has released a draft wildlife plan for public review. The goal of the new plan, The West Virginia Wildlife Conservation Action Plan, is to conserve the diversity of the state's fish and wildlife resources by emphasizing species and habitats in greatest need of conservation. “The plan is really a roadmap for habitat conservation in West Virginia ,” explained DNR Director Frank Jezioro . “That's a goal shared by hunters, anglers, birdwatchers, nature photographers and everyone else who enjoys the outdoors.”


  DNR prepared the plan in consultation with other government agencies, academia, conservation organizations and individual experts. Since 2001, DNR's Wildlife Resources Section has been receiving funds from the federally administered State Wildlife Grants Program. The program provides matching federal dollars to every state and territory to support cost-effective conservation aimed at preventing wildlife from becoming endangered. Funds appropriated under the State Wildlife Grants Program are allocated to the states according to a formula that takes into account each state's size and population.  


  To maintain eligibility for future funding, Congress has charged each state with developing a comprehensive wildlife conservation plan by October, 2005. The plan must address certain criteria relating to the conservation of species at risk, including:

•  information on the distribution and abundance of wildlife in the state;

•  the description, location and condition of key habitat types;

•  the assessment of significant problems and research priorities;

•  identification of conservation actions needed to conserve wildlife and habitat, and

•  plans for monitoring species and habitats to evaluate the success of these conservation actions.


  DNR Wildlife Resources Section Chief Curtis Taylor said that “Developing and implementing this plan further enhances our agency's already strong program of science-driven, active conservation of the state's fish and wildlife resources.”

   The West Virginia Wildlife Conservation Action Plan is now ready for review on the agency's Web site: . Instructions for providing comments are provided on the site and any input from interested persons is welcome.


   There will also be a public open house at the Elkins Operations Center at 7p.m. on Thursday, September 8th. There will be a short informational presentation about the plan, followed by a question and answer session. If you need directions to attend the open house please call Steve Brown at 304-637-0245. This will be the first of a possible series of open houses and future dates and locations will be announced.


   The West Virginia Wildlife Conservation Action Plan will provide an essential foundation for the future of wildlife conservation and a stimulus to engage the states, federal agencies and other conservation partners to strategically think about their individual and coordinated roles in prioritizing and implementing wildlife conservation efforts in each state. The plan is for everyone who is involved with or interested in West Virginia 's fish and wildlife. Your comments are important. Please visit the Web site and if you have any questions or need more information, contact Steve Brown at DNR's Elkins Operations Center , 304-637-0245.



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