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Joe Manchin III, Governor

Frank Jezioro, Director


News Release : January 29, 2005


Hoy Murphy , Public Information Officer (304) 558-3380

Contact: Curtis Taylor , Wildlife Resources Section Chief (304) 558-2771


Mitigation Agreement Brings More Public Land , Restored Stream,

To Grant and Tucker Counties

   Nearly 1,000 acres in Grant and Tucker counties will now be protected as a wildlife area, thanks to a land donation from Western Pocahontas Properties and Buffalo Coal Company. The newly designated “Dobbins Slashing Wildlife Management Area” was announced at a ceremony Friday at the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection headquarters in Charleston.


   The land donation came as part of a mitigation agreement between Western Pocahontas Properties, Buffalo Coal Company, the DEP, and the Division of Natural Resources. Buffalo Coal Company will mine 160 acres in Grant and Tucker counties. The mining activity will disturb 33 acres of wetlands in the area. To mitigate the environmental impacts, the company will recreate 13 acres of wetlands on its mine site after reclamation. In addition, 965 acres, including the Dobbins Slashing Bog, has been transferred to the state of West Virginia. The Division of Natural Resources will manage the wildlife area.


   “West Virginians are truly receiving a gift today,” said Governor Joe Manchin. “Thanks to the environmental stewardship of Buffalo Coal and Western Pocahontas Properties, we have a treasure to protect for our children.”


   The property is also home to the headwaters of Red Creek, a native trout stream. In its mitigation agreement, Buffalo Coal has also agreed to pay for limestone fine treatments to the stream for 10 years. The stream is impaired by acid deposition. DEP Cabinet Secretary Stephanie R. Timmermeyer noted that the environmental benefits of protecting the area are far reaching.


   “With the property's close proximity to Dolly Sods, the Dobbins Slashing Bog will become more widely known,” said Timmermeyer. “Most importantly, one of West Virginia 's impaired streams will be restored, thanks to the generosity of Buffalo Coal and Western Pocahontas Properties.”


   The donated land is important to protect, given that the area is known to have at least five rare plant species and one rare animal species. The peat deposits located in the bog date back thousands of years. The bog is on the West Virginia Natural Heritage Inventory and was once evaluated as a National Park Service National Natural Landmark.


   “We have to protect the natural resources that we have in this state,” said DNR Director Frank Jezioro . “DNR is poised to accept the land and protect it for our children. We have an obligation to ensure that the natural resources on this land are preserved, now, and for the future.”


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