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News Release : June 24, 2005


Hoy Murphy , Public Information Officer (304) 558-3380

Contact: Rob Silvester, Wildlife Resources Section (304) 924-6211


WV State Wildlife Center 's New Arrivals Captures Visitor's Attention

  The onset of summer always brings excitement to the West Virginia State Wildlife Center as the exhibit animals begin to have their offspring. “Each year we have several newborns, especially fawn deer and elk calves at the Center, but for the first time in recent years, our bobcats produced a litter of kits,” said Rob Silvester, biologist with the Division of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Section. “Because bobcats are solitary in nature, seeing kits this close is a unique opportunity.”


  The animal exhibits are the most familiar attribute of the Wildlife Center, but their ability to attract visitors allows the Division of Natural Resource to accomplish its main objective – presenting a realistic and factual understanding of our State's wildlife resources. “Conservation education is a vital part of any wildlife management program. The nearly 40,000 visitors that come through the Center annually represent a receptive audience, providing an outstanding opportunity to educate them on key wildlife management issues,” said Silvester. In 2004, visitors came from eight foreign countries, 46 States and 51 West Virginia counties.


  Several conservation education activities are planned at the Center. Earlier this year, wildlife programs were presented to the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America and several school groups. Jim Fowler, former cohost of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom television show visited the Center and discussed wildlife conservation issues with area elementary students.


  For more information about activities at the Center, contact the West Virginia State Wildlife Center at P.O. Box 38 , French Creek , WV 26218 , phone: (304) 924-6211, or visit the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources web page at .


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