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News Release : May 12, 2005


Hoy Murphy , Public Information Officer (304) 558-3380

Contact: Kim McHenry , Parks and Recreation Section (304) 558- 2764


West Virginia State Parks Presents Summer Performer Series

  West Virginia State Parks is proud to present the 2005 Summer Performers Series scheduled at various park locations. Performers for this summer include the environmental magic of Garry Boothe; storytelling by Susanna “Granny Sue” Holstein , Mick Souter and Mountain Echoes; variety entertainer Tom King; champion liar Bil Lepp; Lou Maiuri's traditional Appalachian dance; Three River Avian Center 's Birds of Prey Education Program; and historical interpreter Doug Wood. Admission to all performances is free.


•  Garry Boothe, magician and children's entertainer, performs magic and balloon artistry with a twist. Boothe started in magic in the late 1980s and was then asked to speak to numerous schools and camps about environmental and recycling issues. He found that he could hold children's attention and still give a good message by using simple magic.

•  Susanna “Granny Sue” Holstein brings Appalachian stories as well as folktales and tall tales to her performance. This participatory style of storytelling is sure to entertain both children and adults.

•  Mountain Echoes will entertain park guests with West Virginia stories and Appalachian tales. June Riffle and Joanne Dadisman will captivate all ages with their tales of the Mountain State.

•  Mick Souter combines music and storytelling in a celebration of West Virginia 's history. Guests will be able to experience the past as he recounts the background of WV from the Indians to today.

•  Variety entertainer Tom King will display his skills in the art of clowning, comedy magic and balloon sculpturing. This internationally known entertainer brings years of experience as he presents an educational program.

•  A winner of the West Virginia Liars Contest , Bil Lepp, tells tall tales written by himself and his brother. His outrageous stories about Buck-dog, fishing, politics, trains, the rodeo and many others will have the audience roaring with laughter.

•  Traditional Appalachian dance and modern line dancing instruction will be lead by Lou Maiuri. He is the director and founder of Appalachian county cloggers and is known throughout the country for his line dancing and teaching abilities. He has won many awards in competition, including three national championships in his age division. Maiuri has years of experience as a mountain style square dancer, caller and dance instructor.  

•  Three River Avian Center 's Birds of Prey Education Program features live birds of prey native to West Virginia . A variety of live raptors including hawks and owls will be on display. The program will cover the habitat, diet and behavior of each bird presented, the most common causes of injury to each species and the laws protecting these special birds.

•  Doug Wood will bring history alive as he port ray s a Cherokee war captain who traveled in this area during the French and Indian War.


  The following is a complete schedule for the summer performers for 2005. Call 1-800-CALL WVA or the individual park for a schedule of times the program will be presented at each park.

Garry Boothe

June 12-Camp Creek State Park

June 17-Kumbrabow State Forest

June 18-Moncove Lake State Park

June 24- Twin Falls Resort State Park

June 25-Watters Smith State Park

June 29-Pipestem Resort State Park

June 30- Bluestone State Park

July 2- Babcock State Park

July 8-Cedar Creek State Park

July 9–Panther State Forest

July 21-Watoga State Park

July 22-Seneca State Forest

July 23-Greenbrier State Forest

July 26-Lost River State Park

July 27-Cacapon Resort State Park

August 3-Canaan Valley Resort State Park

August 4-Blackwater Falls State Park

August 5-Holly River State Park

August 11-North Bend State Park

August 26- Berwind Lake Wildlife Management Area



Granny Sue

June 18- Twin Falls Resort State Park

July 1- Moncove State Park

July 7- Blackwater Falls State Park

July 9- Beech Fork State Park

July 14-Bluestone State Park

July 15-Pipestem Resort State Park

July 28-Greenbrier State Forest

July 29-Watoga State Park

July 30-Camp Creek State Park

August 5-Cedar Creek State Park

August 6-Kumbrabow State Forest

August 10-Canaan Valley Resort State Park

August 11-Blackwater Falls State Park

August 27-Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

September 2-North Bend State Park


Mountain Echoes

May 29- Watters Smith State Park

June 4-Camp Creek State Park

June 11-Kumbrabow State Forest

June17-Watoga State Park

June 18-Greenbrier State Forest

June 24- Beech Fork State Park

July 2- Tygart Lake State Park

July 8- Twin Falls Resort State Park

July 12- Lost River State Park

July 13-Cacapon Resort State Park

July 21-Blackwater Falls State Park

July 23-North Bend State Park

August 12-Berwind Lake Wildlife Management Area


Mick Souter

May 30- Holly River State Park

May 30-Kumbrabow State Forest

June 9- Cabwaylingo State Forest

June 17-Seneca State Park

June 18-Kumbrabow State Forest

June 23- Pipestem Resort State Park

June 24- Bluestone State Park

June 25- Twin Falls Resort State Park

July 1- Greenbrier State Forest

July 2- Watoga State Park

July 8-North Bend State Park

July 9-Watters Smith State Park

July 14-Greenbrier State Forest

July 22-Cedar Creek State Park

July 28-Canaan Valley Resort State Park

July 29-Blackwater Falls State Park

August 19-Berwind Lake Wildlife Management Area

August 26-Camp Creek State Park

August 27- Beech Fork State Park


Tom King

June 10- Beech Fork State Park

June 17- Berwind Lake Wildlife Management Area

June 18-Camp Creek State Park

June 27-North Bend State Park

June 29-Canaan Valley Resort State Park

June 30-Blackwater Falls State Park

July 9- Twin Falls Resort State Park

July 15-Tygart Lake State Park

July 21-Pipestem Resort State Park

July 22-Bluestone State Park

July 28-Watoga State Park

July 29-Greenbrier State Forest



Bil Lepp

June 17-North Bend State Park

June18-Babcock State Park

June 22-Lost River State Park

June 23-Cacapon Resort State Park

June 24-Cedar Creek State Park

June 30-Prickett's Fort State Park

July 1- Twin Falls Resort State Park

July 13-Canaan Valley Resort State Park

July 14-Blackwater Falls State Park

July 22-Holly River State Park

July 23-Kumbrabow State Forest

July 28-Pipestem Resort State Park

July 29-Bluestone State Park

July 30- Beech Fork State Park

August 5-Seneca State Forest

August 6-Watoga State Park

August 11-Tygart Lake State Park

August 20- Camp Creek State Park



Lou Maiuri

June 10-Cedar Creek State Park

July 9-Holly River State Park

July 15-Bluestone State Park

July 16-Camp Creek State Park

July 30-Kumbrabow State Forest

August 3-Lost River State Park

August 4-Cacapon Resort State Park

August 6-North Bend State Park

August 10- Watoga State Park

August 17-Canaan Valley Resort State Park

August 18-Blackwater Falls State Park

August 20- Beech Fork State Park

August 27-Cass Scenic Railroad State Park


Three River Avian Center

May 27- Beech Fork State Park

June 11-Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park

June 12-Tomlinson Run State Park

June 25-Lost River State Park

June 25- Cacapon Resort State Park

June 29-Prickett's Fort State Park

June 29-Tygart Lake State Park

July 7-Bluestone State Park

July 8-Greenbrier State Forest

July 15- Twin Falls Resort State Park

July 22-Berwind Lake Wildlife Management Area

July 23-Seneca State Forest

July 29-Panther State Forest

August 5-Watoga State Park

August 12-Babcock State Park

August 13-Camp Creek State Park

August 19-North Bend State Park

August 20-Kumbrabow State Forest

August 20-Holly River State Park

August 24-Canaan Valley Resort State Park

August 25-Blackwater Falls State Park

September 2- Cedar Creek State Park



Doug Wood

May 28- Coopers Rock State Forest

May 29- Watters Smith State Park

June 10-North Bend State Park

June 11-Cedar Creek State Park

June 25-Greenbrier State Forest

July 1- Beech Fork State Park

July 8-Seneca State Forest

July 9-Watoga State Park

July 12-Kumbrabow State Forest

July 14- Pipestem Resort State Park

July 15-Panther State Forest

July 16-Panther State Forest

July 23-Cacapon Resort State Park



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